Janie Thomson

You've heard of Scotland The Brave? Well this is Scotland The Blog. It started as a channel on Eyeslick after someone commented on my accent and some unfamiliar words. As a Scot of a certain age, my speech is peppered with words less familiar to younger Scots and almost unintelligible to non-Scots.

I love the sounds of my native tongue and the feel of the words in my mouth.  I love the memories the words of my childhood evoke and how very expressive the Scots language is.  Some words are virtually un-translatable but I'll do my best to get across the meaning and the emotions the words hold.

Some words have had their meaning evolve over time or may mean different things in different contexts.  I love that about language so if you disagree with my interpretation of a word or you use it differently in your part of Scotland feel free to let me know.  The site is mainly targeted at non-Scots and people of Scottish descent who haven't experienced Scots as a living language, but I'm more than happy if Scots enjoy it too.

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